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  • Manx Radio's Mannin Line Manx Radio's Mannin Line

    Hosted by Andy Wint, Manx Radio's daily audience interaction programme. Exploring national Isle of Man issues, with direct public access and comment.

  • Shiaght Laa Shiaght Laa

    Manx Radio's weekly programme looking at Manx life from a different angle, exploring the historical, social, linguistic and academic issues.

  • Spotlight Spotlight

    Howard Caine presents a journey through the vibrant arts and creative scene on the Isle of Man.

  • Manx Newscast Manx Newscast

    News interviews in FULL! Highlighting some of the most interesting, intriguing and engaging recent Isle of Man stories from Manx Radio News.

  • Manx Radio: 60 Years Serving the Nation Manx Radio: 60 Years Serving the Nation

    A series of podcasts, programmes and features produced to celebrate Manx Radio's 60th Anniversary Year in 2024.

  • Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

    A look back at a week of Manx Gaelic programmes.

  • Manx Theatre Podcast Manx Theatre Podcast

    Neil King and Neil Callin talk to cast, crew and creatives involved in bringing Manx Theatre to life. Produced by the Manx Theatre Podcast, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Manx Radio - Update Manx Radio - Update

    The daily podcast of Manx Radio's Update Programme. The definitive roundup of Isle of Man and International news of the day from the Island's No.1 news source.

  • The Folk Show The Folk Show

    John Barker hosts Manx Radio's weekly Folk Programme showcasing the best in traditional and modern folk music

  • Wild Thing - MWT Wild Thing - MWT

    The Manx Wildlife Trust podcast exploring all things wild in nature upon the Isle of Man. Produced in association with Manx Radio.

  • Perspective Perspective

    Phil Gawne takes an in-depth look at a variety of aspects of life on the Isle of Man and further afield. Sometimes political, occasionally controversial, but always an appointment to listen.

  • Radio Doctor Radio Doctor

    Manx Radio's Radio Doctor provides a weekly audio surgery, providing tips on healthy living and medical dos and don'ts.

  • Countryside Countryside

    A weekly look at the news, the views and the people behind the Manx countryside and farming industry with Simon Clarke and Kirree Kermode.

  • Agenda Agenda

    A weekly look at the Manx political scene in which Phil Gawne talks to the politicians who are raising the issues and asking the questions in Tynwald and the House of Keys, ex-politicians about their time in power and exploring the wider world of politics and the workings of Government.

  • Claare Ny Gael Claare Ny Gael

    Bob Carswell delivers a weekly programme of great Manx Gaelic broadcasting and entertainment.

  • At Your Service - Manx Radio At Your Service - Manx Radio

    Manx Radio is 'At Your Service' - with a space for people of all faiths and none to share thoughts, prayers, music and conversations - offering a little spiritual strength for challenging times.

  • Manx Radio Live Lounge Manx Radio Live Lounge

    Sessions and live performances along with the best bits and extended, exclusive content from the Manx Radio Live Lounge with Christy DeHaven; showcasing the best in Isle of Man music.

  • Manx Radio SportsCast Manx Radio SportsCast

    Manx Radio's SportsCast is a look at all aspects of Manx sport, interviews with teams, competitors and more through interviews, propgrammes and features.

  • Manx Radio - Jumpin in Jazz Manx Radio - Jumpin in Jazz

    Manx Radio's weekly Jazz programme hosted by brother Howard & Chris Caine.

  • Sweet 'n' Swing Sweet 'n' Swing

    Manx Radio's weekly Big Band music show hosted by Howard Caine

  • Marc's Morning Show Miscellany Marc's Morning Show Miscellany

    A collection of features, guest interviews and chats from the Marc Tyley Morning Show on Manx Radio.

  • Old News Old News

    Views from the past on the Isle of Man news stories of the day with Howard Caine

  • One to Three One to Three

    The best, juiciest, funniest, most interesting and uplifting additional bits from One to Three with Christy D!

  • Manx Radio's Island Life Series - Specials Manx Radio's Island Life Series - Specials

    A series of programmes focussing on aspects of Island life on the Isle of Man covering a wide range of topics.

  • Today at the Guild Today at the Guild

    Judith Ley's daily round up of the news and results from the annual Manx Music Festival.

  • Ta Mee Gindys Ta Mee Gindys

    Howard Caine and Beth Espey explore the mysteries and hidden gems of the Isle of Man, the kind of things which make you think... "I wonder!"

  • Kelly's Eye Kelly's Eye

    Revisit the journeys around the around the Isle of Man of Historian Peter Kelly and David Callister to explore architectural gems, historic features of interest and much more.

  • Instruments of Democracy Instruments of Democracy

    Your favourite Isle of Man elected representatives talking about the issues of the day and highlighting their rhetoric by playing their favourite musical instrument. **Satire**

  • Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association

    Series of podcasts from the Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association

  • Chris Williams Odd Pod Chris Williams Odd Pod

    The daily pearls of wisdom, witticisms and view on life from Manx Radio's Chris Williams.

  • Can't Keep Fretting - Manx Radio Can't Keep Fretting - Manx Radio

    During the Coronavirus crisis, William King has decided to use the time indoors to good effect and teach himself the guitar from scratch. Check out his diary of how he's getting on and maybe join in with him. Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Braai Day Podcast Braai Day Podcast

    Supported by Standard Bank, Manx Radio has produced a series of podcast interviews celebrating South Africa's Heritage Day with the Isle of Man Community

  • IOM Film Festival with Manx Radio IOM Film Festival with Manx Radio

    As the media partner for the IOM Film Festival in 2016, Manx Radio takes a look at the pre-launch of IOMFF and what's to come throughout the next few months until the September festival

  • Journey to a Dream Journey to a Dream

    The Isle of Man is heralded as the road racing capital of the world, but what does it actually take for riders to get here? Beth Espey finds out

  • HOME - Manx National Heritage HOME - Manx National Heritage

    HOME - Manx National Heritage

  • The Archive Room - Programmes from the Manx Radio Archives The Archive Room - Programmes from the Manx Radio Archives

    If you’re interested in Island history, if you can’t resist a good story, and if you like meeting great characters, then you’ll love everything in The Archive Room! Real stories, told by the people who were there - using Manx Radio archive recordings to explore every aspect of Island life in years gone by.

  • Biosphere Isle of Man Biosphere Isle of Man

    A series of programmes that highlight rich variety of aspects that allows the Island to hold Biosphere status and the work and events that take place to celebrate it and care for it.

  • Manx Sky at Night Manx Sky at Night

    Howard Parkin joins Judith Ley to discuss the different and exciting sights that can be seen in the dark skies over the Isle of Man at night.

  • Southern 100 Races Southern 100 Races

    A series of podcasts reliving the excitement of the live commentaries of the Southern 100 races

  • The Manx Budget The Manx Budget

    The annual Manx Budget Programme which provides in-depth analysis into the Isle of Man Budget with expert guests and politicians.

  • Abbyr Shen - Say That Abbyr Shen - Say That

    Starting to speak Manx. A course with the late Dr Brian Stowell. Produced by Manx Radio in Heritage Year 1986.

  • B & H Gold B & H Gold

    B & H Gold . . a few minutes happy banter with Beth and Howard about anything and everything which makes them smile. The perfect pick-me-up podcast for those who crave the bright side of life – there is one . . really!

  • Woman on Man Woman on Man

    Reporter Penny Farthing explores myths and legends of the Isle of Man in this original comedy by Rhian Evans.

  • IM1 IM1

    IM1 - The satirical look behind the scenes at Manx Radio.

  • World Book Day World Book Day

    To celebrate World Book Day, well known Manx Radio personalities started reading some of their favourite stories available to download as a podcast.... and they continued to do so to help you sleep soundly.

  • Museum 100 Museum 100

    Celebrating 100 Years of the Manx Museum through audio from the past.

  • The Generations Game The Generations Game

    Three unlikely soulmates . . .H, 60. Chris, 40 and Rosie ,20 get together to see how well they understand each other on important matters like music, text, nights out, dating, money – and life in general. Not very, seems to be the answer . ..

  • A Brief History of... A Brief History of...

    A series of programmes where Siobhán Fletcher explores the history of various events, movements, campaigns and changes in society including personal recollections of those who were involved or lived through them.

  • Manx Radio Dramas Manx Radio Dramas

    A series of different radio dramas and productions produced for Manx Radio.

  • Summerland - 50 Years On Summerland - 50 Years On

    Programmes and archive audio looking back at the development of the Summerland complex, the horrific disaster and it's aftermath and the wider effects to survivors, the Manx public and Manx Tourism.

  • Boddaghyn Boghtey - Manx Radio Boddaghyn Boghtey - Manx Radio

    Manx language rambling with Phil Gawne, Adrian Cain and guests - everything from planting spuds to reaching for the stars. - Ta Phillie, Ade as caarjyn rouail mygeayrt y Theihll as yn Tuinney loayrt mychione red erbee ta shin cheet er. Gaelg aboo!

  • Mannimal Mannimal

    From Ants to Avocets via Hares to Harriers through Whales to worms .. . a pod-sized look at the wide and wonderful array of native creatures and critters to be found on and around the Island and its waters. In tests, nine out of ten dolphins said this was their favourite podcast

  • The Charles Guard Series The Charles Guard Series

    A fascinating series of radio programmes produced by Charles Guard MBE about a variety of Manx topics.

  • Isle of Man Heritage Railways - A Celebration Isle of Man Heritage Railways - A Celebration

    Mike Buttell hosts a series of programmes celebrating the Isle of Man's Heritage Railways which are unique in the world and celebrating major anniversaries.

  • Attention Paddock Attention Paddock

    A variety of programmes and reviews of action at the world famous race meeting around the 37.75 Snaefell Mountain Course, including TT, MGP and more.

  • The Green Room The Green Room

    The Green Room – Conversations with some of the best known names on the Manx stage. Old hands and new faces chat with John Walker and Howard Caine.”

  • Manx Radio's Tweet of the Week Manx Radio's Tweet of the Week

    If you want to know more about the birds you can hear on the Isle of Man, this is the series for you! Manx Radio’s bird supremo, the early birder Tim Earl, explains more about what remain the original, often beautiful and frequently most intelligent tweets on the Island

  • PolitiBabble PolitiBabble

    A Youth Politics Podcast! Join us each Friday for a new topic of debate and discussion. Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Afternoon Extras Afternoon Extras

    Interviews, chats and exclusive extra content from Alex and Christy on the Afternoon Show

  • Brain Waves – Understanding Water Brain Waves – Understanding Water

    Brain Waves, Working with water, an introduction to find out more about Sian the owner of Brainwaves.

  • The Coronation of King Charles III: Lord of Mann The Coronation of King Charles III: Lord of Mann

    A series of podcasts exploring not only the Coronation of King Charles III in 2023, but also looking back to Coronations Days of the past in the Isle of Man with the help of Manx National Heritage.

  • Parish Talks Parish Talks

    Podcasts all about the Manx Telecom Parish Walk on the Isle of Man.

  • Women Today Women Today

    The best bits of Beth Espey and Christy DeHaven chatting with a variety of fascinating guests and discussing a range of topics.

  • Memories of Mann Memories of Mann

    Howard Caine chats to different characters who share their recollections of the Isle of Man as it was many years ago.

  • MT Focus with Manx Telecom MT Focus with Manx Telecom

    A series of podcasts; MT Focus highlights the work Manx Telecom do supporting local charities and events across the Isle of Man.

  • Unlocking our Sound Heritage Unlocking our Sound Heritage

    ‘Unlocking Our Sound Heritage’ by the charity Manx National Heritage is an eavesdrop on a century of voices from the Isle of Man produced in conjunction with Manx Radio.

  • Her Majesty the Queen; Our Lord of Mann Her Majesty the Queen; Our Lord of Mann

    Manx Radio's special programmes sharing tributes and paying respect at the death of Her Majesty the Queen; Our Lord of Mann.

  • The History Man The History Man

    Terry Cringle's weekly look into different aspects of Manx history.

  • Business Talks Business Talks

    Business Talks, PwC Isle of Man’s podcast series brings you the latest perspectives and knowledge on topics and challenges facing business and society. Hear from the PwC team on solving the challenges that matter today. For more insights visit our website, at pwc.com/im.

  • Wine for all with The Wine Cellar Wine for all with The Wine Cellar

    Howard Caine explores the rich tapestry of tipples available to tempt your palate at the Wine Cellar in Douglas.

  • Island Games Review Island Games Review

    Chris Cave reports on all the action from the Natwest Island Games in Gibraltar.

  • Going to the Match Going to the Match

    'Going the Match' is a podcast centered around all match-going football fans stories and experiences hosted & independently produced by Mike Holt. It features a multitude of guests ranging from match-going fans, to current and ex-pro's, journalists and many more! Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Village Hall Series - Manx Radio Village Hall Series - Manx Radio

    The centre of our Island community, Beth and Christy tour our Village Halls to uncover their history and the characters involved with them.

  • Women in Sport Women in Sport

    Manx Radio's Rhian Evans chats pre-comp nerves, highlights, aspirations and what is to be a woman in sport in this day and age with a handful of the Island’s female athletes, from a different discipline each episode.

  • Super Group Super Group

    Produced by the Manx Theatre Podcast team, Super group talks to local Isle of Man musicians about their own music and their own dream Super Group. Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Disc 2 Movie Review Disc 2 Movie Review

    Rhian Evans and fellow movie fans compare old and new films in a chosen genre each week to see if the classics really can stand up against modern cinema, with film trivia and behind-the-scenes stories thrown in for good measure.

  • Pet Classics Pet Classics

    Maurice Powell brings you smooth and relaxing classical music to help calm your pets during fireworks season.

  • Bob into Buildings Bob into Buildings

    A series where Bob Harrison explores the history and stories surrounding some of the Isle of Man's most distinctive and curious buildings.

  • Talking Heads Talking Heads

    A weekly digest of all the hot topics discussed on Manx Radio's daily phone-in programme, Talking Heads.

  • Late Lunch - Manx Radio Late Lunch - Manx Radio

    Christy DeHaven and Howard Caine host life hacks & soundbites, live guests, lifestyle tips, family favourites, a scoop of skeet & a generous helping of community spirit.


    Matt & Ciara tackle the difficult subjects around health, lifestyle and well being.

  • Island Artcast Island Artcast

    Produced by the Isle of Man Arts Council, Island Artcast looks into the vibrancy of the island's arts scene and it's wealth of creatives.

  • Local Democracy Live Local Democracy Live

    Live coverage of the results for the 2021 Isle of Man Local Authority Elections. Hosted by Andy Wint & Ewan Gawne with a host of live guests and reporters from all the counts around the island.

  • The KPMG Rainbow Allotment Project 2022 The KPMG Rainbow Allotment Project 2022

    From Planter to the Plate, listen to Primary School children across the Isle of Man growing everything from golf ball shaped carrots to Rainbow coloured radishes

  • General Election - Isle of Man 2021 General Election - Isle of Man 2021

    Series of podcasts covering the Isle of Man General Election 2021

  • Manx Radio's Mountain Memories Manx Radio's Mountain Memories

    Programmes and features from Manx Radio's Mountain Memories station.

  • The Geraldine Jamieson Interviews The Geraldine Jamieson Interviews

    A look back at the long running series of personality interview programmes, hosted by the late Geraldine Jamieson.

  • Thought for the Week Thought for the Week

    A compilation series of our popular 'Thought for the Day' series that allows you to pause, reflect and contemplate the world around us.

  • Time Enough Time Enough

    Ed Oldham takes time out to talk to people about life.

  • What Matters Most What Matters Most

    A live panel discussion programme based upon an Manx Radio Island wide survey to find out what matters most to people on the Isle of Man.

  • Greatest Hits - The Guests Greatest Hits - The Guests

    Interviews with some of the big guests from Manx Radio's Greatest Hits programme.

  • Manx Radio's Praise Manx Radio's Praise

    Judith Ley hosts the weekly programme featuring inspiring stories, interesting interviews, great music & moments for quiet reflection from around the Isle of Man's Christian community.

  • Manx Radio - Youth In Politics Manx Radio - Youth In Politics

    William King investigates youth engagement in Manx Politics. Winner of the "Best Factual Programme" award at the 2019 Young ARIAS.

  • Parc Ferme - TT Review Show Parc Ferme - TT Review Show

    Chris Boyde with a host of TT pundits, racers and guests look back at all the day's action at the TT races.

  • Coronavirus Press Conferences: Isle of Man - Manx Radio Coronavirus Press Conferences: Isle of Man - Manx Radio

    Podcasts of the regular Isle of Man Government Press Conferences regarding the Coronavirus and measure being taken on the Isle of Man.

  • Treasure Hunters - Manx Radio Treasure Hunters - Manx Radio

    Aaron Ibanez uncovers the treasure hidden beneath our feet and the characters who search to find it.

  • Island Mentality Island Mentality

    Alex Wotton explores what mental health support and provision is currently on the Isle of Man

  • Reach Out Reach Out

    Adam Hudgeon explores people's stories from across the Isle of Man about their experiences with mental health and how they have dealt with you. Produced by Reach. Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Making Waves Making Waves

    Marine Scientist Rowan Henthorn and Journalist Aaron Ibanez speak to the movers, shakers and ocean explorers in this six part series of stories from the sea. Produced by environmental group Sustain Our Seas. Independently produced, not a Manx Radio production.

  • Lorient Interceltic Festival Lorient Interceltic Festival

    Sarah Hendy presents reports, music, interviews and general coverage from the Festival Interceltique de Lorient.

  • Guernsey Man Guernsey Man

    Guernsey Man John Knight arrives at the Isle of Man on the first flight of the 2020 'air corridor'

  • Farm Gate Farm Gate

    Farm Gate is hosted by ffinlo Costain and produced by Farmwel and FAI Farms. ffinlo is the chief executive of Farmwel, a think tank working for sustainable agricultural land use and food production. More episodes of Farm Gate can be found at https://www.faifarms.com/podcasts/